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Stop Creditor Harassment With Help From an Arkansas Lawyer

If you are tired of receiving harassing calls and letters from creditors, The Holstine Law Firm in Sherwood, Arkansas, can help. The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) protects people from many of the aggressive collection tactics employed by credit card companies and other creditors. The FDCPA gives you the right to sue for money damages if you are threatened or intimidated illegally.

Contact us to discuss your concerns about wage garnishment, Fair Credit Reporting Act violations, and other intimidation methods used by bill collectors. In many cases, our lawyers can stop creditors from contacting you within 48 hours of retaining us to handle your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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Understand Your Rights

We help stop creditor harassment from bill collectors who:

  • Contact your place of employment to discuss your debt.
  • Call your neighbors to discuss your debt or lifestyle.
  • Threaten to have you put in jail unless the debt is paid.
  • Threaten to contact federal officials about your legal residency status.
  • Report your car or other secured property as stolen unless the debt is paid.
  • Threaten to have you immediately removed from your rental property.
  • Make daily phone contact, including calls after 9 p.m.

Collection agencies are required to follow strict laws. For example, a collection agency is not allowed to make a false representation about who they represent or the intent of the call. They must be straightforward about working on behalf of a creditor or collections department to make arrangements for repayment. They cannot make false statements about garnishing more wages than the law allows. They also must be honest if asked about the size of their firm, and cannot tell you that they have several employees working on your case if, in fact, it is only a small firm.

Let Us Help You Fight Back Against Creditor Harassment

The information on this page is just a partial list of some of the illegal tactics used by creditors. Even if the collection methods you are enduring aren’t illegal, they can still be intimidating and stressful for your family. If you are being harassed, or have some concern about the tactics being used to settle your accounts with a creditor, we want to help.

Contact us for a free consultation about how we can help you stop creditor harassment. We can help you get your life back by putting professional, aggressive representation and experience on your side.