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Probate Law Advice in Sherwood, AR

The whole point of making a last will and testament is so that your heirs and your estate are fully provided for after you pass away. Hiring an attorney who can help with estate planning, the actual writing of your will, and the probate process after your death ensures that your final wishes are honored.

The Holstine Law Firm offers comprehensive estate planning and probate law services to Central Arkansas residents from our office in Sherwood. Call for an appointment for a free consultation in order to secure your estate today.

Representing Arkansas Residents in Repose

For over 30 years, the Holstine Law Firm has provided expert legal services to Central Arkansas residents, including our probate law and estate planning services.

When you retain a probate lawyer from the Holstine Law Firm, you’re retaining the services of an expert who can take charge and help you create a last will and testament that reflects your wishes for your estate and keeps your heirs as protected as possible. Our lawyers will fight for your wishes after you are gone through probate court until your assets are dispensed as you wish.

We can do this by helping you draft your will and establish trusts to protect your heirs, in addition to paying any creditors and calculating taxes on the estate. We will ensure that all legal requirements are met, so you can go to your rest assured that your loved ones and other beneficiaries are well taken care of.

Retain the services of our expert probate lawyers for your estate today. Call our office for a free consultation on your will and estate. Reach us at 501-378-7700. We look forward to working with you.